Eden Cars App

Eden Cars Mobile App gives passengers the chance to travel on demand. Our Eden Cars App is available to download on IOS and Android. To download, search for “Eden Cars” on the App Store or Play Store. Alternatively, click on the icons below and download it instantly.


Pay Safely and Quickly

We use only the safest and quickest payment technology, giving you peace of mind to book your journey with a simple tap.


Rebook Recent Trips

If you make regular journeys that are the same, you can save valuable time by rebooking those trips.


Track Your Driver and Journey

Know exactly how far away your driver is with our GPS tracker, which saves waiting aimlessly in the cold.


Save Journey Receipts

We can help you to keep track of your finances or reclaim some money with our saveable journey receipts.


Favourite Destination

We might not be able to take you to the moon, but you can keep your favorite destinations saved with us.

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You can download the A1 & Eden Cars app from all the major app stores…